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Technical Solutions

At AB Mauri Middle East & Africa, we know the difference that world-class yeast and bakery ingredients can make.
When combined with leading technical support and innovation, it will deliver successful results for industrial and artisan bakeries. Our commitment as a complete resource for the baking industry includes focus on various key product ranges:

Craft Bakeries

A wide variety of baking solutions
for the craft industry.


Solutions for simplifying and
improving efficiency in industrial sectors.

Doughase® enzyme concentrates:
The Doughase® range of technical ingredients provides concentrated enzymatic solutions. In cooperation with our Global and Local Experts, we develop tailor made enzymatic solutions which can vary from increased tolerance, dough relaxers, fine soft crumb structure, good crust characteristics or increased shelf life by retarding the stalling process, interacting with the wheat starch to reduce the formation of crystals which cause the firming of the bread crumb.In addition our Doughase ®enzyme concentrates range has the added benefit of being E-number free.

Supremo® Tortilla Improvers: 
AB Mauri puts flexibility and simplicity back into the hands of the manufacturer. Developed by tortilla ingredient experts, the Supremo® Tortilla Systems are a series of high-performance ingredient modules for leavening, conditioning, preservation and extensibility that can easily dialled up or down so that you can produce a variety of tortilla types.

Mold inhibitors:
Our range of mold inhibitors help reduce the growth of mold and bacteria that are responsible for spoilage in many bakery products. The result is a longer, more attractive shelf life for bread, burgers, cakes, muffins and tortilla.

Flourase® flour correctors:
Whether it is with standard baking flour, ready mixed or composite flours, bakers all around the world require consistence, at any time all year around. AB Mauri is delighted to serve flour millers across the Region with a total enzymatic based solution for any grain variety or deviations in quality due to climate, harvesting conditions, storage and milling. Our full Flourase® flour corrector range supports right flour treatment and improvement allowing bakeries to deliver consistent baked goods at required quality and with a cost-effective solution.

Panko® release agents:
Our Panko® release agents range avoids damaged bakery products, and allowing the baker to release bakery and confectionary products from baking moulds, trays or tins in a quick and easy way.