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Whilst we are passionate about professional and industrial baking, we also embrace sharing this passion with the home bakers too. Nothing beats the smell of home baked breads coming from the oven.


A selection of fresh and
dry yeast for a large range of applications.


Some recipes
for your inspiration.

Serving the home baker

Whether baking for the family or the whole neighbourhood, you should not need to compromise on quality or consistent good results. AB Mauri is delighted to support all home bakers with yeast solutions. Our yeast sachets are specially formulated to simplify the baking process and guarantees excellent-tasting loaves with every bake. Mauripan Instant dry yeast sachets for home baking, are free from additives, which could be applied for a large variety of baked goods at home from great French style baguettes to tasty home-made pizza.

Our Mauripan Instant Dry Yeast for home baking is an easy to use product and has specially been formulated to activate quickly, whilst the dough is being kneaded. No pre-soaking in water is required. Simply add it directly to the flour and other dry ingredients. This is the so called direct process as the professionals say, but the same applies for the passionate home baker.

Our Mauripan Instant Dry Yeast sachet will deliver great performance on a variety of recipes and final product applications; whether it is home-made soft bread or brioche, no matter which product you choose to bake, you can count on consistent results every time.

Our home baking recipes, do not need any additional ingredients such as bread improvers or special equipment found in a professional bakery. Due to Mauripan Instant Dry Yeast sachets’ functionality, only regular ingredients, like wheat flour, salt and water, are needed to be added with the yeast sachet. Once ingredients are gently mixed together, and the appropriate proofing and baking has been done, home bakers can expect a high quality result every time.