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Bread Improvers

AB Mauri Middle East & Africa offers a complete basket of Bread Improvers for Industrial and Craft bakers.
We are dedicated to deliver innovation, source ingredients and technical solutions that help bakers to create successful, consumer preferred, products.

Craft Bakeries

A wide variety of baking solutions
for the craft industry.


Solutions for simplifying and
improving efficiency in industrial sectors.

Thanks to our extensive local experience, and our combined pool of global knowledge and expertise we are able to offer specific country solutions with understanding the ingredient needs, bakery processes and most importantly, the knowledge of the local customer references across our Middle East & Africa region.

AB Mauri Bread Improvers are designed to optimize the dough. Bread Improvers are as essential to the bread-making process as other core ingredients like yeast, flour, salt and water. Bread Improvers modify the gluten structure of the dough so that carbon dioxide (produced by yeast) retention is optimized. This ultimately results in an attractive finished loaf of bread with optimized structure, volume, crispiness, colour, and shelf life. Thanks to our country tailored development program, each parameter and requirement to be adjusted in order to meet the consumer preferences.

Our Activa, Unipan, Rotox & Softase range of Bread Improvers are well known across the Middle East & Africa region, providing exceptional functionality for Industrial and Craft bakeries. For each type of bakery and with proven functionality across the Region, those improvers increase tolerance to the natural variations in flour quality and in breadmaking process. Improvers also control dough stickiness and improve machineability allowing bakers to produce consistent high-quality products.

Within the Activa brand range, AB Mauri Middle East offer a wide range of specialty bread mixes, grain blend and specialty flours including high fibre brands, malted grain breads, multi-grain blends and the opportunity for customised blends, tailored to country specific consumer preferences. Those mixes will be supplied by either a complete bread mix or a concentrate.