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AB Mauri Middle East & Africa offers a full range of tasty, versatile, multi-functional products that offer something for all industrial or craft bakers that need confectionary mixes that deliver consistent results every time. At AB Mauri, we take care of all the technology needed to make our mixes and concentrates easy for you to use.

Craft Bakeries

A wide variety of baking solutions
for the craft industry.


Solutions for simplifying and
improving efficiency in industrial sectors.

Our Engato range of cake mixes and concentrates have been distributed across the Middle East & Africa region for decades. Over the years, it has evolved to a full range from full mix to multi-purpose concentrates. Our Engato muffin, cake and sponge mixes only require the addition of water and optionally oil or egg or if preferred, the mix can be supplied as a Concentrate instead.
To ensure great results every time, each mix is supplied with simple instructions. Our product development programme takes account of new enzyme technology, egg reduction, clean label options, and/or low fat.

Our Engato range of light eating even textured sponge mixes come in plain, vanilla and chocolate flavours. Other flavours can be developed and are all easy to use. We also supply an easy to roll, melt in the mouth swiss roll, also in plain or chocolate.

For the Engato cake range, we offer traditional and contemporary products, either in mixes or concentrates which give tolerance and deliver consistent results. Our concentrates can be customised for all industrial bakeries. For our smaller bakery customers, we offer our Multi-Purpose Cake Mix, which delivers multiple application functionality to produce anything from pound cakes, cupcakes to a muffin with the same concentrate. In addition to convenience, it delivers cost saving in procurement, less warehouse space required and reduced risk of obsolete stock.

Thanks to AB Mauri’s unrivalled knowledge and development expertise, we became a market category leader in the American style muffins, which continue to be an ongoing baking success story. Whether it’s a mix or concentrate, our Engato brand has the answer. Subject to the country’s product preference, baker’s imagination or budget, we can develop a product on various parameters, e.g. moisture, shape, burst, extended shelf life or/and clean label.