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At AB Mauri we believe in creating close Customer Partnerships to build long term value. With our focus on consumer and technology insights we can provide innovation, through new ingredient synergies, processing technology and complete product development solutions. We do not just offer a product; we offer a solution.

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A selection of fresh and
dry yeast for a large range of applications.

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Serving the industrial baker

Thanks to the modern client sites across the Globe, Middle East & Africa is a reliable and recognised supplier for various types of yeast (fresh & dry) and bakery ingredients.
Beyond the quality of our products, AB Mauri offers manufacturers and industrial customers a technical answers and operational expertise, that you need to be successful.

AB Mauri knows the difference that world-class yeast and bakery ingredients, when combined with leading technical support and customer service, can make in the success of industrial bakeries. Our world-class technical servicing bakery teams apply unique diagnostic tools to combine our customised solutions to the customer’s process. This ensures the desired outcome of the right product quality at the right cost.

For our industrial customers in Middle East & Africa, we develop and offer a wide variety of yeast products. In addition to our full dry yeast portfolio we build strong supply chains for the delivery of fresh yeast in block form or frozen. This has excellent activity that works well with automated bakery equipment thanks to variance reduction and this also narrows proofing windows.

Being a partner of industrial customers, in co-operation with AB Mauri Global Technology Centre in The Netherlands we prepare technology solutions in the form of superior value propositions for existing products as well as the provision of compelling new product ideas and concepts. Our starting point here is always an active insights programme into consumer trends and market consequences; new technology developments in raw materials; their synergies and process variations. We strongly believe this delivers the greatest value solutions for our industrial customers.