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Baker’s Yeast

Our yeast production heritage spans over 150 years and has allowed AB Mauri to build a global yeast expertise and an extensive technology capability.

Craft Bakeries

A wide variety of baking solutions
for the craft industry.


Solutions for simplifying and
improving efficiency in industrial sectors.

Home Baking

A simple yeast sachet solution for home bakers
and small consumers.

With extensive experience and long-standing presence in the Middle East and African markets we work with bakers all across the region to develop yeast products that are right for the needs of our unique local market. AB Mauri also serves the craft and industrial bakery sectors, by optimizing the yeast for the specific and different country requirements.

At our Sydney Technical Centre (STC) in Australia we have specialist yeast facilities including fermentation, microbiological and yeast performance laboratories, and a development bakery.

Our yeast products are developed by our in-market bakery specialist, and built on our local and global technical capabilities covering yeast strain portfolios, fermentation know-how and substrate science underpinned by our process and manufacturing mastery, combined with insight on country specific needs on bakery processes and recipes.

Our bakery specialists have the knowledge and skills regarding the specific application of yeast strains to our customer’s processes, local market conditions, local consumer tastes and the needs of the bakery channel. The end results are tailored products for global and local use across a wide range of bakery applications including sandwiches, baguettes, bun and rolls, steam buns and flat breads.

Our yeast range varies by country but typically includes:
• (Instant) Baker’s yeast for both low sugar, mid sugar and high sugar baking applications
• (Instant) Baker’s yeast for 2in1, (Instant Dry Yeast & Bread Improver), in both low-sugar, mid sugar and high sugar baking applications
• (Instant) Baker’s yeast typically packed in bulk, 500gram, 450gram or consumer units of 7gram or 125gram

Our Mauripan and Fleischmann Instant Dry Yeast offers excellent stability and consistency, particularly designed to perform at any time under the typical environmental conditions across the Middle East & Africa countries.