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AB Mauri offers a full range of bakery yeast,
both within the Instant Dry Yeast product range as well as Fresh Frozen Yeast.

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Serving the craft/artisanal baker

AB Mauri is as passionate about supporting the artisanal bakery sector, as we are passionate about empowering their businesses. We have a long heritage of supplying a high-quality portfolio of products and innovative solutions to our preferred distribution partners which service the artisanal bakery sector across the Middle Eastern & African countries.

Along with this heritage, we highly value our long-term partnerships with our local distributors across the Middle Eastern and African regions. These strong family-like partnerships span throughout generations. We believe a true business partnership is built on the collaborative vision and mission to successfully serve the baking industry together.

Over the years we have become key partners to our customers in the development of the artisanal baking industry, this includes training entire generations of bakers, introducing new trends and finding solutions for the artisanal baking industry on a local level. We do not just offer a product; we offer a solution. AB Mauri is present across most countries in the Middle East & Africa region through our local based distributors. Our sales & technical teams have been providing our partners with on-the-ground local support for many years and growing their business with global knowledge.

Partnering with us will warrant a comprehensive service that not only offers top quality products but also delivers commercial training tools that excel local bakers in their craft and their business. This empowers our partners by being able to provide their consumers with an artisanal experience of high-quality products that they love. Further areas of support are offered on technical implementation, logistics, supply chain and marketing of the full basket of products available.

AB Mauri is proud to supply a full range of bakery yeast, sweet confectionery products, bread improvers and mixes to the craft bakery. Check out our product page to see more.