Welcome to AB Mauri
Middle East & Africa

With 52 plants, a presence in 32 countries and sales over 100, we are truly global in yeast and bakery ingredients, supporting and enabling the world’s bakers, both small and large. Our Dubai based team is dedicated to serve our Middle East & Africa markets, is being backed by global specialized teams in yeast & bakery ingredients . This unique combination of local knowledge and global expertise ensures our bakery customers benefit from real awareness of specific MEA regional needs supported by a rapid response from our Global industry experts.

Our history

AB Mauri has an heritage going back 150 years in yeast and bakery ingredients. We started in 1868 with the introduction of Fleischmann’s yeast to the USA and over the years developed Australian links through Mauri Brothers bakery ingredients and Burns Philip yeast & bakery ingredients.

In 2008 AB Mauri strengthen its position across the Middle East and Africa region with the acquisition of the former yeast Gist Brocades/DSM yeast business and in 2014 expanded its portfolio of bakery and pastry ingredients through the acquisition of GB Plange.

Within the Group’s philosophy to serve our markets by locally based teams, AB Mauri has set up its Head Office for MEA region in Dubai, allowing to optimize its service to our customers by our experienced locally based MEA team.

AB Mauri is an operating division of Associated British Foods (ABF) since 2004. ABF is a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with 128,000 employees and Operations and Sales across Europe, Africa, Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Australia. For further information about the ABF Group, kindly check www.abf.co.uk.

Respecting the environment

The world’s resources – land, energy, water – are under increasing pressure from the growing demands of a rising population, and climate change is exacerbating these challenges. At AB Mauri, we want to be responsible stewards of the world around us and secure a sustainable supply of ingredients, so we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, use energy, water and natural resources efficiently.


At a group and business level, we remain committed to seeking sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. We continue to invest in minimizing our impacts and risks through arange of activities, including energy-efficient technologies,improved waste segregation and waste water treatment plants.

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Our mission | to cut emissions

Working collaboratively, we want our operations and supply chain to withstand the challenges of our changing climate while taking advantage of new opportunities.
Playing our part in the challenge of climate change is high on our agenda. It’s why our businesses make it a priority to increase energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions in their operations.

Doing more | with less

We are focused on building resource efficiencies into all our operations. We strive to use raw materials and ingredients efficiently and responsibly, create less waste and recycle more of the waste we do generate.