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Bread Mixes

AB Mauri offers a wide variety of bread mixes for the creation of great high quality breads and rolls.
We carefully select our raw materials for each of our high-quality mixes to ensure a great flavour experience and consistent results.

Nowadays, bread mixes are essential products for professional bakers in order to support quality, ease of use and to achieve the optimum cost-effectiveness.
AB Mauri offers both a concentrated mix and a full mix, which only require the addition of water and yeast and for example 25% or 50% flour.
Our AB Mauri Bread Mixes deliver various advantages to our customers:
• high quality premium bread
• easy portfolio extension
• convenient to use
• consistency
• safe to use

Craft Bakeries

A wide variety of baking solutions
for the craft industry.

With the use of AB Mauri mixes, it is much easier to diversify and to meet the changing consumer demand by easily adapting to healthy trends with a range of bread with nutritional benefits. AB Mauri selects the raw materials for this bakery essential with the highest levels of safety and which in turn helps the bakery to minimise costs on sourcing the various ingredients themselves.

In support of the shifting consumer demand towards healthy products and nutritional benefits, AB Mauri has introduced a range of mixes like our Activa Low Carb Mix and our Activa Vitavit Omega 3 Bread Mix.

Our Activa Low Carb Mix is a 100% complete mix for the preparation of low carb bread. Thanks to a unique blend of cereals and flour, this mix has a unique mix of low carb health properties together with great baking properties. A true health bread baking and tasting experience.

In line with the nutritional health benefit trend, our Activa Vitavit Omega 3 Bread Mix is an excellent product for the preparation of healthy Omega 3 enriched bread but not lacking in great flavour and taste. In addition to our current range, we are excited to co-develop new products with our customers in order to meet the continuously changing consumer demand.